Missionaries Ground Themselves in God’s Word

Bible1Essential to the missionary task is the missionary, that is the disciple of Jesus Christ, reading God’s Word.  This observation might seem self-evident, but unfortunately, many of Christ’s followers are not in the habit of reading God’s Word daily.

Concordia Publishing House sells a resource (Today’s Light Bible — $25.00 US with free shipping with orders over $79.00) that helps people read the Bible from Genesis to Revelation.   Here is some information from the CPH website about this daily Bible reading resource:

The Today’s Light Bible helps individuals and groups read and study the entire NIV Bible in just two years, breaking the readings down into manageable daily portions that can be completed in just 15 minutes or less. Brief devotions based on the text help readers understand and apply that day’s Scripture selection to their lives.

The Today’s Light Bible provides the older version of the NIV Bible (1984) translation.

Special features allow readers to

  • “Get the Big Picture” about the readings and
  • “Sharpen the Focus” on important points.

It also provides directions, guides, notes, and encouragement.

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