Maundy Thursday: “Preparing for a Culinary Feast.”

The following sermon excerpt is from a Maundy Thursday sermon I preached on Mark 14:12-26. The title of the message is: “Preparing for a Culinary Feast.”

A lot of preparation goes into a culinary feast. The grocery stores will be packed with shoppers on Saturday as they purchase the necessary ingredients for the Easter Sunday meal. The liquor stores will have a steady stream of wine connoisseurs searching for that perfect wine to serve with the Easter dinner. The cooks will be busy in the kitchen preparing the delectable meal. Yes, a lot of preparation and hard work goes into making a festive meal. …

Once again, the Passover Meal is prepared for you. The wafers overflow on the paten. The flagon, the chalice, and the individuals cup are full of wine. The preparations are complete. The Lamb has been slain for the sins of the world … for your sins and mine. The Lamb who rose from the dead and ascended on high is present among us. According to His promise, He is present so that we might eat of His Body and drink of His Blood broken and shed for us. All that remains is for us is to take a seat at His table, eat of the Lamb’s Body, as we partake of the bread, and drink of the Lamb’s blood, as we drink the wine. We hear the Lamb speak to us the most delightful words: “Your sins are forgiven.” …

Yes, the preparations for the Passover Meal, this culinary feast, are complete. The Lamb slain for the sins of the world invites, “Come, for I have prepared a feast of rich food for all peoples, a banquet of aged wine – the best of meats and finest of wines. We have reason to rejoice for I have destroyed the shroud that that enfolds all peoples, the sheet that covers all nations; I have swallowed up death forever.” (Adapted from Isaiah 25:6-8)

May the Lord grant you spiritual nourishment and refreshment as you meditate upon the Passion and Resurrection of the Lamb!

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