Matteo Ricci and Roberto DeNobili: Accommodationalists – The Wave of the Future

Ricci1Sherwood G. Lingenfelter, in his book, Ministering Cross-Culturally (Second Edition) says of the missionary task, “[We are to] love the people to whom we minister so much that we are willing to enter their culture as children, to learn how to speak as they speak, play as they play, eat what they eat, sleep where they sleep, study what they study, and thus earn their respect and admiration.” (24-25)

Matteo Ricci and Roberto De Nobili were the embodiment of Lingenfelter’s words.  These two Roman Catholic Jesuit missionaries shared God’s Gospel with people in their respective missionary fields by identifying and “accommodating” themselves to the culture of the people.    At times they were accused of compromising the Gospel.  Watch Dr. Schaeffer’s third lecture of the denobili2Quest series, “Back to the Future: Missionaries of the Past and their Relevance for Canada’s Mission Challenges.” In this lecture, Dr. Glenn Schaeffer describes and examines the missionary methods of Ricci and DeNobli and provides some perspective of how Ricci’s and DeNobili’s missionary methods might be the wave of the future.

Dr. Schaeffer’s lecture is about 2 hours in length. You will need Adobe Connect to watch the videos. You might want to watch the presentations in segments, possibly with a church study group.

To watchMatteo Ricci and Roberto DeNobili: Accommodationalists – The Wave of the Future click on: Jesuit missionaries.

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