Martin Luther: A Local “Missionary” with a Global Impact

lutherDr. Glenn Schaeffer says, “The other missionaries we focused on in this Quest course were traveling missionaries but Martin Luther never traveled further than Rome.  Yet, I would suggest that he was a “local missionary” who had (has!) a global impact.”

Dr. Schaeffer continues, “John Warwick Montgomery, writing almost 40 years ago, says, ‘A current joke has to do with a new Martin Luther doll: you wind it up and it just ‘stands there!’”  Montgomery asks, “Did Luther just stand there – at Wittenberg, at Leipzig, at Worms, at Marburg – or did he move dynamically with a sense of mission to the lost?”

In this fourth and final Quest presentation, Dr. Schaeffer (after talking briefly about the Roman Catholic missionary Roberto De Nobili) shows that Martin Luther did more than just “stand there.”  At the heart of Luther’s theology is a missionary God who gives His called and chosen people the privilege of participating in Jesus’ mission of seeking and saving lost people. Click on: Martin Luther to watch this presentation.

NOTE: Dr. Schaeffer’s lecture is about 2 hours in length. You will need Adobe Connect to watch the videos. You might want to watch the presentations in segments, possibly with a church study group.

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