Make Him Known: A Foundation for Witnessing

Make Him KnownThe booklet, Make Him Known, suggests the “secret to successful evangelism is in BEING, not just DOING.”

This handbook addresses questions many people have regarding evangelism …

  • How do I know who I should witness to?
  • What is the secret to successful witnessing?
  • I’m an introvert, how can I witness to people?
  • Is witnessing my job?
  • I really don’t know the Bible all that well, so how can I be an evangelist?

… and provides a Biblical foundation and context to build on in order to be successful evangelists.

The 65 page booklet can be read independently or might serve as a discussion guide for a Bible study.  You can order Make Him Known at the Lutheran Hour Ministry website.  The cost per booklet is $3.00 (US).

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