Luther’s Small Catechism … in Arabic

lutherseal2It’s a venture that Lutheran Hour Ministries and the Lutheran Heritage Foundation (LHF) have been working on together since LHF learned that Lutheran Hour Ministries’ Lebanon ministry center had been using an Arabic-language catechism translated in 1982 by then director Moris Jashan. …

“It’s been a painstaking process,” says Eric Gates, LHM regional director for Africa and the Middle East.  “We provided the translation, layout and cover art; Lutheran Heritage Foundation is coordinating the printing.  When LHF prints a draft copy, we send it to Beirut, where the staff of our Lebanon center proofreads the entire text. We’re now on the final round.”

Gates expects publication to be completed in December.  “The initial print run will be 2,500 copies,” he says. …

The Arabic catechism is expected to be a valuable resource for Lutheran pastors and laypersons who have Arabic-speaking neighbors or friends and desire an easy-to-comprehend explanation of the basics of the Christian faith.  Since it is a direct translation of the familiar 1943 Small Catechism and has an English-language table of contents, the catechism is also expected to be reasonably easy for the English-speaking Christian friend to navigate.

“We also hope it will be useful to organizations and congregations involved in outreach to Arabic speakers,” adds Gates.

To learn how to order copies of this Arabic-language resource, contact Lutheran Heritage Foundation: or 586-781-4286.

Source: South Dakota District News (February 2014, page 4)

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