Lutherans for Life is Pleased to Announce Y4Life – An Initiative for Youth and Young Adults

Y4LifeY4Life is an initiative designed to reach out to the youth and young adults of our church and equip them, in their own unique context, to be Gospel-motivated voices For Life. Through educational materials, programs, and service training, Y4Life will help these students and young adults, part of Generation Y, answer the questions that the name implies:

Why should we be “For Life,” what does that look like in our lives, and how can we help others believe and act the same way?

In addition to creating resources and educational materials specifically for youth and young adults, Y4Life will work to train youth on Life issues and provide them with opportunities to serve through programs and events including:

•             Y4Life Servant Events: weekend-long, “mini-mission trips” that introduce students to service opportunities at life-affirming ministries in their own community

•             Y4Life in Washington D.C.: a trip for students to the annual March for Life

•             Life training for future church workers

•             Special presentations and events

To learn more about Y4Life and its programs, check out our new section of Lutherans For Life website, click on Y4Life. The Y4Life section includes program information, resources and links, and an Y4Life blog.

For more information, contact:

Laura Davis
Director of Y4Life
Lutherans For Life
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