“Lutherans and Evangelism” by Rev. Scott Gress

The world is in Chaos. Just mention Las Vegas, North Korea, terrorism, and the mood gets
quiet. Soon after the quiet sadness, the air is filled with disgust, disagreements as to what is wrong and what should be done and criticism about what is being done or not being done.

Yet this is just the time when a Christian witness about our incarnate Savior can speak to the darkness of this world. But how do we do that? Admittedly
many of our Lutheran churches and Christians do a wonderful job at worship and Bible study and loving one another. Many others are beginning to do a wonderful job at loving their community through acts of service which demonstrate the love of Christ as they love their neighbor. But actually evangelizing? Sharing the gospel? Even inviting people to church? That’s not necessarily part of too many of our church’s culture and identity. Never mind it is the 500th anniversary of the Reformation.

Evangelism is quietly overlooked and we don’t really want to awaken that sleeping dog. Except every once in a while we notice we have fewer people in the pews and those we do have are getting older and by the way, we need some younger families.

So it’s at those times that many pastors and lay leaders bemoan that their church is not very active in evangelism. There may be those one or two members who always seem to be finding their way into gospel sharing conversation but it just seems foreign to the rest. So there is angst about what to do. Sadly the automatic response is offering a “sharing your faith” class. We talk about what to say, how to say it correctly and then we move on to the class on the Reformation or the book of Romans or something else. The lesson in evangelism gets lost. Something needs to be done to actually move the needle on elevating the importance of a behavior which should be a normal part of walking with Christ throughout every day!

But how do to do that?

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