Lutheran Mission Matters — A Journal Worth Reading

The current issue of Lutheran Mission Matters presents a variety of viewpoints on contextualization. The authors include Lutheran Missionaries who served at the grassroots nationally and worldwide. They include well experienced theological educators, mission executives, area directors, practitioners and mission historians. Rarely does a journal like this enjoy the privilege of presenting Lutheran theologians and missionaries from Ethiopia, India, Japan, and Vietnam — all in one issue. This issue also features a special article by President Emeritus of the Lutheran Church – Missouri Synod, Rev. Dr. Gerald B. Kieschnick who has written about the challenge facing Lutherans today, the transition from a heterodox Christian culture to a culture that is indifferent or even hostile to Christianity. Below is a list of the articles now available:

Some of the articles in the May 2017 issue include:

Missiology of Recontextualization by Victor Raj
Quo Vadis, LCMS? Wine Women Worship Witness Warfare by Gerald B. Kieschnick
Quincentennial Celebration: The Paradigm Shift from Martin Luther Then to Ours Now—Part One by Enoch Wan
Multiethnic Ministry: Some Obstacles and Insights to Overcoming Them Paul Mueller
Paul’s Greatest Missionary Sermon: A Lesson in Contextualization from Acts 17 by James Tino
The Father’s Heart by Todd Jones

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