“Luther: He Filled the Vacuum of his time: What About Ours?” — Rev. Scott Gress

Rev. Scott Gress writes,

Luther: He filled the vacuum of his time. What about ours?luther

As I write this I am above the Atlantic ocean, flying back home from the land of Luther. As I visited the Luther sites at Eisleben, Erfurt, Wartburg, Worms, Wittenberg and others, a number of thoughts were confirmed once again.
What a convergence of things that God put in place for the reformation. There was a vacuum of reading materials, print technology and the ability to read, addressed by Gutenberg’s printing press and Luther stressing education, including girls. There was the vacuum of the gospel and a man to give it voice through Luther. There was the “vacuum” of fear and despair caused by the church’s teachings of works righteousness and buying forgiveness and Luther posted the 95 theses and was willing to take a stand. Talk about defining yourself! What a miracle that God would bring these and more together for the sake of those who are not saved through Jesus Christ who alone can justify!

So fast forward to our day. What is the vacuum of our time? Do we still address the reformation era “vacuums” or is there a different target upon which to focus in the 21st century?

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