Watch Hamd-O-Sanaa Online and Listen to the show on Saaz-o-Awaz Radio

radioA brother in Christ, Javed Akhter, is working to establish a ministry presence with South Asians in Hamilton, Ontario and has established HAMD-O-SANAA which is a radio program that allows the South Asian community of all religious backgrounds throughout the Greater Toronto Area (and wherever the worldwide web reaches!) to consider the fundamental tenets of the Christian Faith.  If you speak Urdu, Hindi, or Punjabi you will want to tune in.

You can now watch Hamd-O-Sanaa online.  Archived shows are available. Watch the latest show HERE.  The most recent program focuses on forgiveness and how forgiveness affects our lives.

You can learn more about Hamd-O-Sanaa on their WEBSITE. Follow them on FACEBOOK and view shows on YOUTUBE.

You can contact Javed Akhter at:

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