Let’s Go!

In his book, The Church of Irresistible Influence Robert Lewis asks us to use our imagination.  Lewis writes,

  • Can you imagine the community in which you live being genuinely thankful for your church?”
  • Can you imagine city leaders valuing your church’s friendship and participation in the community – even asking for it?”
  • Can you imagine the neighborhoods around your church talking behind your back about ‘how good it is’ to have your church in the area because of the tangible witness you’ve offered them of God’s love?”
  • Can you imagine a large number of your church members actively engaged in, and passionate about, community service, using their gifts and abilities in ways and at levels they never thought possible?”
  • Can you imagine the community actually changing (Proverbs 11:11) because of the impact of your church’s involvement?”
  • Can you imagine many in your city, formerly cynical and hostile toward Christianity, actually praising God for your church and the positive contributions your members have made in Jesus’ name?”
  • “Can you imagine the spiritual harvest that would naturally follow if all this were true?” (Robert Lewis, The Church of Irresistible Grace, Grand Rapids, Zondervan, 2001, p. 13-14)

Jesus said to his disciples, “Let’s go somewhere else – to the nearby village – so I can preach there also! That is why I have come.”   (Mark 1:38)  

“Let’s go!” Christianity is a movement.  The Spirit of God sends His people into the world … to another village … and to another village … and another and another and another … so that Christ’s name is proclaimed; spiritual orphans are baptized into the family of God; and believers are catechized in the teachings of our Lord so that they are equipped to go!

For too long, the Christian church in Canada has sat on her past laurels.  We have waited for lost people to find us.  We have erected million dollar structures with the hope that our buildings and programs will attract the “consumer” and despite the millions of dollars spent on buildings and the man hours dedicated to programs catered to the saved, the number of those who do not believe in Christ as their Saviour increases. 

 Martin Luther said, “It is always necessary to proceed to those whom no preaching has been done, in order that the number of Christians may be greater.”   In other words, “Let’s go!”   A world desperate for the Gospel waits!   

As we go in the power of the Spirit of God, we will no longer need to imagine what might be!

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