Let’s Be Disciples — A Children’s Booklet

Let’s Be Disciples is the latest kid’s booklet released by Lutheran Hour Ministries.  In Let’s Be Disciples, we follow little Georgina as she tells her friends what it means to be Jesus’ disciple sent into the world to share the Good News. Go to lhm.org/kids to download or purchase your copy today!

These handy booklets engage youngsters with Bible stories and Christian principles. Being pocket size makes them ideal for kids to tuck in their backpacks, keep a few handy for their friends, or slip one on the pocket of someone with whom they want to share some Good News.

The other six titles in this kids’ mini-library are:

  • Do You Know Who Jesus is?
  • Sharing Your Faith
  • Learning to Pray
  • The Easter Story
  • The Christmas Journey
  • The Bully

Individual booklet titles come in a pack of 25 and cost only $7.00 (US) plus shipping.  You can preview them by going to the LHM website at lhm.org/kids and clicking on a specific title.

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