Leading Healthy Change — Scott Gress

If you don’t want things to change then all you need is management. If you want things to change though, you need leadership. Yet do you want the kind of leadership where things blow up? Certainly not. We want healthy change. For that, what is required is wise leadership that understands the change process and can lead it well.

Wise leaders who bring about healthy change understand what is needed, when it is needed and in what amount it is needed. They are good communicators and good leading a process through which people wrestle, participate and ultimately buy into the change process. That means that leaders also understand what people are going through and can “shepherd” them through what they are experiencing.

So what exactly do people “go through?”

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NOTE: Rev. Scott Gress is called by Lutheran Counseling Services and partners with the FL-GA District of the Lutheran Church as an independent contractor. He specializes in Leadership Training, Consulting, Coaching and Coach Training. Contact Scott to continue the conversation or experience a free sample coaching session. 561-542-4472, scottgress@me.com or scottgress.com.

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