Leadership and Fear — by Rev. Scott Gress

fearRev. Scott Gress writes,

What kind of emotions or feelings or thoughts come to mind when you think of a leader and their relationship to those who follow them? Anger, disappointment, frustration, satisfaction, pride, or maybe even love?
Leadership is a relationship. It is a human interaction. It is about people who come to work or the task often with a lot on their minds. There are a lot of “moving parts” as the saying goes. Sometimes it is all about the task and other times it is more about the relationship and how you work together. Sometimes it gets all gummed up together.
So what kind of leader do you want to be with all of those intersecting demands like people and relationships and emotions of disappointments, frustrations, but also joys and pride and even love?

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Scott Gress is called by Lutheran Counseling Services and partners with the FL-GA District of the Lutheran Church as an independent contractor. He specializes in Leadership Training, Consulting, Coaching and Coach Training. Contact Scott to continue the conversation or experience a free sample coaching session. 561-542-4472, scottgress@me.com or scottgress.com

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