July 2 is the Registration Deadline for Reach Out Canada!

ROC WinnipegAre you still wondering what to do with some of your summer vacation?  Are you passionate about sharing God’s Gospel with people who do not yet believe in Jesus as their Saviour?  If you answered “Yes!” to these two questions then Reach Out Canada is where you want to be from July 5-7, 2013.

Reach Out Canada is Lutheran Church – Canada’s first ever national outreach conference.  Reach Out Canada will be held in Winnipeg, Manitoba.  For information about keynote speakers, witness workshops and accommodations go to: www.reachoutcanada.net.

There will be workshops that address how to share your Christian faith with skeptics, with the Millennial Generation, and with immigrants. There will be workshops that discuss the challenges of growing your church when your community is shrinking or connecting with your neighbours in meaningful ways.  There will be workshops that teach you how to use your interest in sport to witness and how to use Facebook, Twitter, and other online venues to tell others of Christ.  In all, there are 18+ workshops available, in addition to the keynote presentations by Rev. Gregory Seltz (The speaker on The Lutheran Hour) and Rev. Dr. John Nunes (President and CEO of Lutheran World Relief).

You only have twenty more days to register!  The registration deadline is: July 2.

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