John the Baptist & Pregnancy Care Centres

What is the relationship between John the Baptist and Pregnancy Care Centres?  Dr. James Lamb of Lutherans for Life (USA) writes in his E-Newsletter,

“On the church year calendar, today, June 24, is the Nativity of John the  Baptist. John’s nativity followed the course of most Jewish births at the time I   suppose. The age of his parents, however, indicated that his conception was   miraculous. Not miraculous like Jesus who had no earthly father, but miraculous because both Elizabeth and Zechariah were “advanced in years”   and Elizabeth was barren (Luke 1:7). Thus, friends and relatives, recognizing God’s hand in all of this, buzzed about John’s future. “What then will this child be?” (1:66)

Zechariah knew. Through the power of the Holy Spirit he prophesied, “And    you, child, will be called the prophet of the Most High; for you will go before the Lord to prepare his ways” (1:76). John knew. The Holy Spirit filled him too, “even from his mother’s womb” (1:15). At the very least,  he knew when Jesus was present. At six months old, he “leaped for joy”   (1:44) in his mother’s womb when the dot-sized embryo that was Jesus  showed up in Mary’s womb. Babies as old as John leap frequently in wombs.   But John does so with the very human emotion of joy.

We can learn from this embryo-to-fetus encounter. The Nativity of John the Baptist teaches us of the humanity and personhood of the unborn. I find it difficult to apply words like “glob of cells” or “non-sentient being” to the Spirit-filled, joyful, and leaping-in-the-presence-of-his-Savior John. Such   things happen only to a fully human person.

The Nativity of John the Baptist gives affirmation to the science of human embryology and fetal development. Unborn babies feel pain and respond to touch and light and sound. They leap and kick and swim and walk. They suck their thumbs, take naps, and “go potty.” They recognize their mother’s voice and daddy’s too if he talks to them. They love classical music, but good luck getting a teen to admit to this!

Philosophers, politicians, movie stars, judges, and sometimes theologians      come up with all kinds of illogic, verbiage, sob stories, rulings, and heresy  trying to minimize or deny the humanity and personhood of the unborn. But the basics of biology and the Bible bests them every time. When you celebrate the Nativity of John the Baptist, you not only celebrate the birth of the way-preparer, you affirm life and humanness and personhood.  (E-Letter,  June 24, 2011, Lutherans for Life)

Pregnancy Care Centres affirm the humanness and personhood of the unborn.  They are devoted to providing loving, caring support to women and men who are faced with an “unexpected” pregnancy or who are struggling with the dreadful realities of having had an abortion. 

Do you know where the Pregnancy Care Centre is in your community?     Pregnancy Care Centres are a venue through which God’s people can share the love and forgiveness of God.  Might I suggest that you “Go!” and discuss with the local Pregnancy Care Centre director how you and your congregation can be of assistance to them?

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