“It’s Not About the Band!” — Part 3 by Rev. Scott Gress

band2“Go!” is highlighting, Rev. Scott Gress’ articles entitled, “It’s NOT about the Band!” Here’s the beginning of Part 3.

So if you’ve been following this blog for the last couple weeks you know the answer: “It’s still not about the band!” Is there a place for a praise band in church? Sure. Why not? There is nothing wrong with it and there is nothing particularly right with it either. The point is that it isn’t a magic bullet and it will not change the core problem in a church. Lagging attendance is the symptom but the real problem has to do with the “culture” of the congregation. Messing with the worship style may disrupt the congregation significantly (and not necessarily in a good way) but it will take something more powerful to change the culture of a congregation.

So if it isn’t the band, you might go for the second easy answer: we need evangelism training or some other kind of class or series of classes to teach our people to share their faith and invite people to church. Really?

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