Is the New Testament Missing a Few Books?

lost booksWith hits like The Da Vinci Code and television specials on cracking cryptic codes and unburying ancient secrets, people want to know if the Bible is reliable. Conspiracy theorists suggest a cover up by the Roman Catholic Church. Seekers wonder why the Bible should be believed over other ancient texts. Even regular church goers have questions like, “Can I trust the reliability of the Bible?”

Lutheran Hour Ministries has produced a DVD Bible study resource, Lost Books? that addresses those questions and others. Hosted by Rev. Gregory Seltz, the speaker of The Lutheran Hour, Lost Books? uncovers why the 66 books of the Bible are considered the inerrant Word of God – a trustworthy cover-to-cover revelation from God to man. With expert Biblical commentary and a PDF study guide, Lost Books? is perfect for a group Bible study.

For more detailed information, visit: Lost Books?

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