“I am N” — Inspirational Stories of Christians Facing Islamic Extremists

I am N is an inspiring and challenging book that shares 50 true stories of Christians who are experiencing persecution due to Islamic extremism. I am N reminds us that wherever we live, we are the brothers and sisters of these suffering believers. So come meet them and their families by reading their insightful stories. Learn from them, pray for them, and deepen your faith in God who gives His children the courage to love even their persecutors.

There are a number of other I am N resources available:

* 90 day devotional called I am N
* I am N wristbands.
* I am N Curriculum Kit
* I am N Participant’s Guide
* I am N CD (music)

All these I am N products are available from The Voice of the Martyrs Canada. You can view a 21-minute video about VOM’s new I am N resources at: I am N.

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