How You Can “Speak” as You Share the For Life Message

Lutherans for LifeLutherans for Life has produced an booklet called, How You Can “Speak”  which is available through Concordia Publishing House (Item LFL100B).

Here is an excerpt from the booklet that gives on how you can share the For Life message.

Speaking Through Fundraising Efforts

  • Encourage awareness of birthdays by participation in “Pennies for Life” where people give the number of pennies equivalent to their age.
  • Have a diaper derby/shower for your local pregnancy center. Involve area churches by having a contest with a “Diaper Wipes” trophy for the church that collects the most diapers! (The “trophy” is an empty diaper wipes container mounted to a plaque.)
  • Leave a baby bed up for a month at church (“Christmas Crib”) and ask for donations for a local pregnancy center. (Blankets, diapers, baby clothes, whatever people want to give.)
  • Sponsor a “Walk” or “Bike” For Life or participate in an existing one in your area.
  • Have a dessert auction after a worship service with the proceeds going to a local pregnancy center.
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