How Are You Living into Intentionality? — Rev. Scott Gress

images (2)Does one day fade into another day? Does your congregational life go from meeting to meeting … Sunday to Sunday … with little visible progress? Do you want your life and your congregational life to be more purposeful? Rev. Scott Gress, Leadership Coach and Coach Trainer at Transforming Churches Network, discusses the importance of intentionality in his recent blog post.

Life at the parish goes from zero to 100 in the blink of an eye. As pastors we go to the church thinking the day will be about one thing and so quickly it becomes about another. Often tragedy or sadness take priority. We jump into shepherd mode to care for the sheep. After a while it may be tempting to not plan for anything but just take it one day at a time. That may even include not preparing very much for sermons.

Is that the best way to approach day to day ministry?

The result may be the regret spoken about in our previous blog. Days turn into weeks and months and even years. Nothing seems to move forward. Nothing seems to change. Just putting out fires, moving from one issue to the next.

It can be draining and discouraging.

The alternative and the preference is to live more and more into intentionality.

Yes, intentionally prepared for emergencies for they will surely come.

Yes, intentionally prepared for the panic or the tragedy. Being a good pastor who provides pastoral care is vital. Yet we can intentionally choose how to do it, such as choosing not to do it alone.

Pastors are not the body of Christ.

So pastors can very intentionally choose to do what is going to take the church from where it is to where God wants it to be. Certainly all being accomplished by God’s grace and favor.

So where do we start?

To read the rest of Scott’s article, “Intentionality”, visit his blog.

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