Host a Neighbourhood “Bible Fun Time” for Children

Sunday School 3It’s not a secret that most Sunday schools are poorly attended.  Sunday morning competition has relegated Sunday school attendance to a low priority even among church-going people.

How might we respond? One suggestion is for Jesus’ followers to host a neighbourhood Bible fun time.  You might want to invite friends of your children and other neighbourhood children to a morning or afternoon of Bible story telling, games, crafts, and refreshments.

Your local congregation may have resources you can use, but you may also want to use materials at or other online resources.  is a website dedicated to providing fun, free colorful printable activities for use in your home or church educational programme or Sunday School Classroom!   The website provides a variety of free Bible Colouring pages, Christian file folder games, Bible minibooks, and worksheets.  

Get started right away! Check out their Easter resources!

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