Hazelton, BC — God’s Spirit at Work through His People

There are a number of Christians on short-term summer mission trips.  Upon return, participants of short-term mission trips often talk of the profound impact their experiences have on the development of their Christian life and how they see the Holy Spirit using them to grow Christ’s kingdom.

 For a number of years, Lutheran Christians from Washington, Oregon, Arizona, and California, working in partnership with LAMP-Canada,  have been traveling to Hazelton, British Columbia to share the Gospel of Jesus Christ with the First Nations people in that area.  More recently, some members of Lutheran Church – Canada have participated in this short-term mission work.

One of the Hazelton mission participants, Sue Chan Acuna, has published a blog which chronicles her week-long mission experience in Hazelton.  If you want to get a sense of what it is like to serve on a short-term mission trip and you want to hear how the Holy Spirit is working through God’s people, you are encouraged to visit her blog — http://lampcanadaandusa.blogspot.com/?spref=fb.

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