Gospel Communities on Mission (GCM): Be A Participant in this Movement

gospel communitiesWhat is a Gospel community?  A gospel community is a group of believers that lives out the mission of God together as family, in a specific area to a particular people group, by declaring and demonstrating the gospel in tangible forms.  It’s regular people, living ordinary lives, with great gospel intentionality.

The Goal? One Gospel Community on Mission per 1000 people in every city or region that God allows us to help serve.

What can you do? Organize and develop a GCM Church Multiplication Hub in a city or region as a way to accelerate the multiplication of gospel communities on mission (GCMs) in that area. The Collective of leaders begin to share resources, encouraging one another toward effective gospel ministry with the hope of multiplying GCMs that form into new churches. The goal is to saturate the region with disciples of Jesus living on mission together in everyday life. As the GCM Collective grows, and the local churches mature, gifted leaders are released to serve the ongoing advancement of the gospel through training, coaching and helping to start new gospel works regionally, nationally and internationally.

Where do I begin? Watch the following video and check out the GCM website and all its witness resources!


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