God’s Word Moves Us to Speak — Martin Luther

BiblesThere is a vital connection between missionary proclamation and the power of God’s Word.  God does not simply “zap” Christians with faith apart from the means of grace; nor does God transport Christians from place to place via a “Star Trek” transporter.  No, the Lord works through His chosen instruments.  The Lord works through the simple word of Holy Scripture and the ordinary words of His people as they speak/share that Word.

Martin Luther writes, “This noble Word brings with it a great hunger and an insatiable thirst, so that we could not be satisfied even though many thousands of people believe on it; we wish that no one should be without it.  This thirst ever strives for more and does not rest; it moves us to speak, as David says, ‘I believe, therefore have I spoken’ (Ps. 116:10). And we have (says St. Paul, II Cor. 4:13) ‘the same spirit of faith … we also believe and therefore speak.’”

The Martin Luther quote is from, John Warwick Montgomery, “Luther and the Missionary Challenge,” In Defense of Martin Luther(Milwaukee, WI: Northwestern Publishing House, 1970).

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