GodConnects: A Free Video-Based Course in Christianity

GodConnectsThe Lutheran Layman (January-February 2015) reports that Lutheran Hour Ministries has produced a new video-based adult course on the teachings of Christianity.  GodConnects “offers real options for people interested in exploring the Christian faith.  It has 12 video sessions and written material for adults.”  The 12 sessions of GodConnects are: Why Jesus? Why the Bible? Ten Commandments; Nature of God; Work of Christ; Holy Spirit; Prayer; Baptism; Confession and Absolution; the Lord’s Supper; End of the Age; and Christian Life.

Rev. Gregory Seltz, the speaker of the Lutheran Hour, presents 10-minute vignettes that introduce key Biblical concepts. Detailed discussion guides supply supporting Scripture, pose questions to consider and provide additional web resources to review.

On the GodConnects website you will fiind all the resources needed to implement a GodConnects class.

This curriculum is also available in Spanish!

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