God Works in Mysterious Ways: One Korean Woman Learns of Christ through Her Torturer

The Voice of the Martyrs Canada May 2018 edition tells the story of a North Korean woman who first learned of Christ through her torturer.

The Voice of the Martyrs reports that “About 30,000 of North Korea’s estimated 100,000 Christians are thought to be suffering in one of the four known Kwanliso camps. These camps are reserved for prisoners convicted of serious crimes … In the Kwanliso camps, inmates are often locked in cages like animals; and they are inhumanely forced to stand for hours in torturous positions and beaten until they vomit blood. Nearly 40 percent of these inmates die of starvation. …” (p. 6 VOM Canada May 2018, p. 6)

One woman, Kyung-ja, was beaten with clubs and interrogated for her recent trip to China and her daughter’s recent defection to South Korea.  During the interrogation, she was asked repeatedly about something called, “Christianity.” Up to this point in her 56 years of life she has no belief system nor any concept of God. In prison, she began to search for answers to her questions about “Christianity” by asking other inmates about God, the Bible, among others.

Eventually she was released from jail and she was able to defect to South Korea with the assistance of a Christian pastor.  Kyung-ja was able to ask her questions about Christianity and she soon became a Christian placing her faith in Jesus as her Saviour!  She credits the prison guard, who was beating her for uttering Christian words that set her on a course that eventually led to Jesus! Now, she worships the Lord everyday!

Please pray for the Christians in North Korea! Pray that the Spirit of God will bring other North Koreans to faith in Jesus Christ!

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