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Lutherans for LifeThe human rights of a preborn child is generating a lot of discussion in North America, especially in Canada, where unborn female fetuses are being killed simply because they are female!

Are you aware of what God’s Word says about the issue of pre-born life?  Lutherans for Life is an organization that addresses life issues from a biblical perspective.  Lutherans for Life produces excellent resources. Here is a sampling of what they offer.

Bookmarks: LifeMarks

Brochure: Speaking of the Inconceivable – A Closer Look at Suicide’s Stigma by Rev. Peter Preus

Life News: Our monthly Life News bulletin inserts are now available as free, reproducible downloads!

DVD: The Other End of Life – Also see DVD Bible Study Guides.

DVD: The Handiwork of God – Use for a Bible study at your congregation.

Companion brochure: The Handiwork of God

DVD: For Life – This also makes a great Bible study!

Bible Study: Ancient Pro-Life Document Discovered! – Look at the Apostle’s Creed in a new light.

Fold-out Brochure: Real Love Real Life (English) (Spanish) – An excellent, very well-received resource for teens. Order one for every teen you know!

Curricula: Teaching For Life – Order now for your favorite Lutheran school teacher!

Booklet: Life Issues and the Pulpit

L.I.F.E. T-shirts

Bible: GOD’S WORD for Life

Spanish Resources – A Life Not Like Any Other, Why Not Just Live Together?, Not Alone, Is Abortion Okay in the Cases of Rape and Incest?, and Tips for Teens on How to Say “No.”

Russian Downloads

Best Way to Order LFL Resources: At or 800.325.3040. Shipping/handling applies to all orders. Quantity pricing on select resources.

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