Five Ways to Disciple Young Leaders — Rev. Dr. Jock Ficken

youngRev. Dr. Josh Ficken, the director of Pastoral Leadership Institute (PLI) discusses way to disciple young leaders in our church. He writes,

You may have noticed there aren’t many young leaders in most congregations today. Ain’t many young “anybodies” in most churches these days.

We risk the death of the church in the U.S. in a single generation.

My heart aches with every congregational leader’s lament: How did this happen? How did we get here?

But we don’t have to be complicit in our own demise!

We’ll need to invest in the discipling of young leaders if that’s going to change. We’ll need to recognize that it won’t happen just from the pulpit or from the front of the classroom. Jesus didn’t disciple leaders that way. And it’s not working too well lately for us, either!

Here’s a model for developing new leaders/young leaders concisely captured from the thinking of Bob Eichinger:

To develop young talent…

•Place them in a highly challenging role where they’ll be stretched and tested.
•Give them a short term assignment/team. ◦Success or Failure is real.
◦Authority is entrusted.
◦Exposure to a variety of people in the organization is afforded.
•Offer real time feedback.
•Provide coaching and mentoring.
•Instruct them in the classroom.

Now read Luke 10, the sending of the 72. See the parallels?

To read the rest of his article, visit: Five Ways to Disciple Young Leaders.

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