Fill A We Care Hygiene Bucket — Canadian Lutheran World Relief

We CareCanadian Lutheran World Relief is excited to announce a new way to pack the We Care Hygiene kits.

A plastic bucket adds even more practicality and usefulness to this gift. The bucket can be reused in a number of ways such as carrying water and storing food. You can place your hygiene kit items inside the buckets as an alternative to a cloth We Care bag. Like the bags, buckets will be available for a suggested donation of $5 each.

There are some challenges to shipping large numbers of buckets to congregations, but we understand that placing the kits in the buckets is an interesting part of the process for our We Care donors. If you’d like to order buckets for your Hygiene kits, you can:

  1. Order 10 or fewer buckets. We are able to send that many to you, free of charge.
  2. Send us your Hygiene kit contents and financial donation, and ask us to place the items in buckets for you at our Winnipeg warehouse. We’re glad to do it!
  3. Order more than 10 buckets, but enclose an extra suggested donation of $2 per bucket to cover shipping costs in Canada.

Bucket orders can be placed by emailing or calling 1.800.661.2597.

NOTE: The administrator of “Go!” is a member of the CLWR Board of Directors.

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