Feed Your Brain: A “Servolution” Story

The Olive Branch, a new outreach venture in NE Edmonton,  Alberta is serving breakfast for four mornings this week to students at John D. Bracco Jr. High School.  Many of the students come to school without breakfast and by mid-morning (right in the middle of their exam) their brains begin to shut down!  Hence, the need to feed their brain!

With the blessing of the school administration, Olive Branch participants are providing the students with home-made muffins (made by willing servants), granola bars, apples, oranges, and a variety of juice boxes. The apples, the oranges, and juice boxes are donated by local businesses or purchased with monetary donations.  As breakfast is served the Olive Branch participants are able to engage some of the students in conversation. 

The students know that the breakfast is being served by Christians.  Signs are posted and the morning announcements proclaim that a Christian church, the Olive Branch, is providing the breakfast. Last year, Pastor Vic Esperanza, was interviewed by the vice principal, during morning announcements.

The Olive Branch (www.theolivebranchedmonton.com) worships at John D. Bracco on Sunday afternoons. Over the past 1 ½ years a working partnership has been developed between the school and the Olive Branch. The Olive Branch provides bus passes for the students who can’t afford them; Mr. Noddles for students that need a lunch; and juice boxes for the  students needing a “pick me up” in the morning.   They have also given the school custodians gift cards as a way of thanking them for the work they do at the school. During Sunday worship, the Olive Branch community prays regularly for the John D. Bracco faculty, staff and students.

These acts of mercy are ways that one Christian community is sharing the love of Christ. It’s “servolution” at work!

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