Face-to-Face: Sharing the Good News of Christ around the World

radioFace-to-Face radio messages are one of the ways that the Lutheran Church of Australia is sharing the good news of Jesus Christ with people around the world.  Face-to-Face is a weekly 15 minutes program that includes songs, a Christian message and an offer of support such as a free booklet.  Face-to-Face uses a variety of speakers, and there are monthly interview programs.

The radio program can be heard, read, and downloaded and shared. You can go to the website and select what you want to do.  There are also free booklets and archives of past programs. You can also access their mobile website through your smart phone, iPhone, and iPad. Short videos are available on Face-to-Face.

In addition to Face-to-Face, they produce and distribute one-minute and thirty-second Christian messages, offering encouragement, support, and follow-up.

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