Exponential.org Debuts New Website Featuring Multiple Content Channels Geared to Assist Church Workers and Congregations to Birth Churches

exponentialThis week, Exponential debuts a new website strategy, bringing together quality thought leadership from respected partner ministries known in their field—experts Exponential is calling Channel Curators. Links to the different channels including Church Planting, Culture, Discipleship, Leadership, Missional, MultiEthnic, Multisite, Multiplication, Personal Calling) can be accessed from the new Exponential.org home page. Each channel has been designed to offer a continuous flow of high-quality content geared to church planters, as well as ongoing libraries of archived content. Exponential has plans for increasing the number of channels in the future.

Shawn Lovejoy, Directional Leader for CouragetoLead.com has partnered with Exponential to serve as the channel strategy coordinator.  Shawn says,

The best way I can describe it is like changing the channel on a cable network. What if you could on-demand tune into a relevant, focused, continuous flow of trusted content in a specific sector of the faith community? If you’re interested in multi-site, tune into that channel. Multiethnic? Tune into that channel. What if you could access every “genre,” or expression of church planting in one place? Each channel brings an integrated feed for an entire sector, offering links and commentary to the latest podcasts, videos, research, book releases and reviews, resources, blog posts, conferences, photos, etc.

You are encouraged to visit the new Exponential website and to explore the practical resources on the “Content” channels.

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