Exponential 2012: Sifted

Sifted – the theme of Exponential 2012 – emphasizes the planter’s spiritual, physical and emotional health as the very foundation for reproducing. In Luke 22:31-32, Jesus’ reference to Peter being “sifted” is based on the process of sifting wheat from its chaff during harvest, a form of refining and distilling the good from the bad and removing impurities. As believers in Jesus Christ, we have been perfectly sifted by Christ’s blood and are being continually sifted to extract our chaff (sin). Life’s troubles and difficulties serve in some measure like the winnowing fork. What if we could be better prepared to deal with life’s troubles? Join sage and seasoned leaders at Exponential 2012 as they impart their years of wisdom to help you in your journey and lay out a plan for finishing strong.

Exponential 2012 will be held in Orlando, Florida from April 24-26.

Main Sessions

The Exponential Conference Main Sessions kick off on Tuesday afternoon, April 24 and runs through Thursday, April 26 at noon. You’ll start the conference worshiping with over 4000 other church planting leaders – an amazing experience. You’ll be challenged and inspired as you hear from over 100 National Leaders and learn what’s next in church planting leadership.


Each day, between Main Sessions, you can choose from over 100 Workshops designed to equip you with best practices in church planting and church leadership. Whether you’re just thinking of planting or already leading a church, you can choose the track that best prepares you for your next step in the process.

Registration for Exponential costs $199.00.  Of course, lodging, meals, and travel are extra!  To learn particulars about speakers and workshops, visit Exponential 2012.


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