Expanding Outreach in the Middle East

turkeyBy God’s grace, Lutheran Hour Ministries is opening a new ministry center in Turkey. Turkey is a majority-Muslim country, yet more than 85% are not active in their Muslim faith. This creates a unique opening to reach millions of souls in this critical hour with the Gospel of Jesus Christ. The turmoil and unrest that has embroiled the Middle East has caused many to question where they can find the hope that so many are missing.

Lutheran Hour Ministries is currently working to translate Bible Correspondence Courses into the Turkish language, air animated specials on Turkish TV channels and broadcast original programming on Christian radio stations in Istanbul and Ankara.

What obstacles does Lutheran Hour Ministries face in Turkey? Put plainly, we expect to confront resistance and intimidation from forces that do not want to see Christianity grow. But our God is not intimidated and we are not deterred.

How can you get involved?

  • Remember the staff and mission of LHM – Turkey in your daily prayers.
  • Share with others how LHM is reaching out to lost souls in the Middle East.

God can work through Lutheran Hour Ministries to create a Gospel movement in Turkey, but we need your help! Please partner with us in this critical new expansion.

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