Evangelism Ideas for Christmas

No doubt you are beginning to prepare for Advent and Christmas. Pastors are busy preparing Advent sermons and services.  The choir is practicing seasonal anthems. The Sunday school will soon begin practicing for the Children’s Christmas program (if you have begun to practice already)!   And, the evangelism committee is looking for ways to share the message of Christ’s advent with people who don’t worship and love Him.  If you are looking for evangelism ideas for Christmas, I encourage you to visit the blog, “Onward Christian Women.”   The blogger identifies and describes a number of ideas for sharing the Good News of Jesus during the Advent and Christmas seasons.  Some of the ideas include:

  • Take a neighbour to a church concert
  • Christmas Tree Give-a-way
  • De-icing and Snow Removal
  • A birthday party for Jesus
  • Elves of Kindness
  • Neighbourhood Food and/or Clothing Collection
  • Filled Stockings
  • Christmas website

Check out: Onward Christian Women for more ideas and include some of the Christmas evangelism ideas in your December newsletter.

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