“Easter in Your Neighborhood: Here’s How”

The following information comes from the Dwelling 1:14 blog:

Each year, the Finke family teams with our neighbors to host an Easter Sunrise Gathering in our neighborhood. It is a simple undertaking that has had powerful long-term results. For instance:

• Neighbors who are not yet ready for church, willingly hear the good news of Jesus.
• Neighbors have a common spiritual experience that changes the status quo of relationships in the neighborhood. (Grace does that.)
• We have seen de-churched neighbors re-engage local churches.
• We have seen neighbors baptized in Jesus’ name.

None of this is even remotely surprising since Jesus is already on the loose in our neighborhood. And here’s the thing: He’s already on the loose in your neighborhood, too.

If you are ready to see what Jesus can do with an Easter gathering in your neighborhood, here is a simple plan for getting started. Easter is April 1 this year, so it’s not too late to plan yours. (No fooling!)

Read a step-by-step plan here: Easter in Your Neighborhood

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