CTV Reports that 744 People have been killed by Euthanasia in Canada since June 17, 2016

According to the February edition of the Campaign Life Coalition (CLC) National News, “CTV reported that 744 people have been killed by euthanasia in Canada since it was legalized on June 17, 2016.  That was in six months, and doesn’t include those who received permission from a court to be killed by a medical professional before euthanasia and doctor-assisted suicide were legalized. About 40% of the deaths were in Quebec.”

The CLC article quotes University of Toronto law professor, Trudo Lemmens as saying, “There is a concern that people who are vulnerable or who find themselves in a situation of vulnerability may be pressured consciously or unconsciously to opt for medical assistance in dying either because of financial circumstances or because the medical help that they need is not necessarily available.”

What are your thoughts on medically-assisted suicide? What is morally and ethically wrong with the practice? What does God have to say on the subject? Here are some resources you may want to read:

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