Conversation or Confrontation? A Free Witness Webinar with Pastor Billy Newell

Mission UPassion for truth can sometimes come across as passion for being right. People are more likely to leave the church or never come at all if they are experiencing confrontation instead of conversation with Christians. As people pour out their hearts and express their fears and doubts, they are often met with defensive and devaluing responses.

Rev. Billy Newell is the Pastor to youth, young adults and families at Concordia Lutheran Church in St. Louis. His experience has given him great insight and fresh energy to equip God’s people to be faithful listeners and have fruitful conversations with those who need the love of Christ.

Pastor Newell will lead a free webinar witness workshop on Saturday, February 21 at 10:00 a.m. (Central Standard Time).  Click here to participate, then create a user name and click “enter as guest”.

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