Continuing What Began at Pentecost among the Nizaa People in Cameroon

Lutheran Bible Translators of Canada (LBTC) Missionaries Rev. Mike and Kara (nee Hautz) Kuhn, have been with LBTC since January 2012. They were deployed for the first time in March of 2013, and are currently working on a New Testament translation with the Nizaa people of Cameroon. Before that, they were studying linguistics at the Canada Institute of Linguistics in Langley, BC, and working to establish partnerships with Canadian churches and individuals to support their mission work.

In their June newsletter, Good News for Galim, the Kuhns write,

As at Pentecost, when people are confronted with the Word in a way they can understand, God does great work; grieving hearts over sins committed, moving people to repent, inspiring saving faith in Christ, and strengthening believers to live the life that God gives them. The ministry of Bible translation aims to continue what began at Pentecost by bringing the Word to people in their mother tongue to make it easier to access. However, if that Word is only written (not recorded or adapted to other mediums) it remains inaccessible to large segments of a population unless further measures are taken. Such is the case among Nizaa speakers. …

… we are called here to translate the New Testament and do not have enough spare time and energy to provide the leadership needed to relaunch literacy work. Please pray that God will move Nizaa leaders, in the way that He knows is best, to re- launch literacy work, and pray that their efforts would lead to many Nizaa speakers learning to read and write their language.

The second option of adapting the Scriptures to recorded or sung formats brings God’s Word that much closer to where the people are right now. I have had numerous spiritual conversations in public places and Galim residents always listen in when they hear spiritual things. If we can disseminate recordings of Scripture, stage public debates and discussions on Biblical themes, and otherwise adapt Scripture so that it can be heard by Nizaa people who do not yet read their language, God’s Word is immediately more available to the people. With that in mind, our supervisors with LBT have asked us to prepare a recording of Genesis 1-3 in Nizaa with questions after the recording that encourage the hearer to reflect on the text; especially the promise of one who will crush the serpent’s head. Please ask God to give us success in translating, checking, recording, and disseminating Genesis 1-3, and that He will use the recording to bring Nizaa speakers to hunger and thirst for more of His Word.

If you would like to follow the Kuhn’s work or support the translation project, visit: LBTC. You can also follow the Kuhns on Facebook at: Good News for Galim.


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