“Christian Involvement in Public Ethical Issues” by Peter J. Scaer

In For the Life of the World, there is an article by Peter J. Scaer entitled “Christian Involvement in Public Ethical Issues.” The following excerpts are from that article.

“Some might argue that we cannot impose our beliefs on others. But this is foolishness. Almost every law has something to do with morality. Driving fast may not be immoral in and of itself, but driving recklessly puts the lives of others in danger. No one would question that there should be a law against armed robbery.  While we may have different views when it comes to gambling, the abortion matter is crystal clear. This is hardly a matter where Christians can agree to disagree. Science confirms what the Bible teaches.  Life begins at conception and we are called to defend it.”

“This is not simply a matter of abstract ethics.  There are spiritual consequences. To turn our backs on the unborn is to turn our backs on Christ Himself, who defines our humanity and died to redeem us all.  We can no more be silent about the fate of the unborn than we can walk past a man who lies half dead alongside the road.  The unborn child needs an advocate and a Good Samaritan. …”

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