Celebrating that You Can Dismember Your Unborn Child? What’s this World Coming To?

By the looks of this picture you would think these women are celebrating that their favourite sports team is crowned champion. No, sadly, they are rejoicing that they can abort their unborn child. Maybe you saw the headlines on CBC, “Ireland votes overwhelmingly to repeal country’s abortion ban.”

Canada is no better. In fact, the situation for the unborn in Canada is probably worse than that in Ireland because in Canada there are no laws, no bans of any kind, that protect the unborn child. A child can be aborted right until she is delivered.

What has our world come to when many people revel in being able to dismember a living fetus? What has our world come to when we read these headlines and we remain indifferent to the plight of the unborn and to the countless women and men who are struggling with the emotional, physical, and spiritual repercussions of having an abortion?
You are encouraged to inform yourself on the issue of abortion. You are encouraged to get involved in a pregnancy care centre in your community that supports mothers (and fathers) who have chosen to give birth to their child and that provides ministry care for those who struggle with having had an abortion. You are encouraged to pray that laws be enacted to protect the lives of unborn children. You are encouraged to attend the 2018 Lutherans for Life Annual conference that will be held October 12-13 in St. Louis, Missouri. The theme of the conference is: “From Age to Age the Same.” For more information about the Lutherans for Life conference, click on: 2018 LFL Conference. You are encouraged to visit the LFL website to access resources on a number of issues related to life and to share this information with people in your congregation.

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