Canadian Lutheran World Relief Continues to Provide Support to Syrian Refugees in Jordan

CLWRIn the “We Care November Update”, Canadian Lutheran World Relief reports:

On September 22, the fourth We Care shipment of the year was dispatched from CLWR’s Winnipeg warehouse to Jordan, the fifth shipment to Jordan since 2013.  The shipment included the final 11,100 sweaters from our 2013 sweater drive. This brings the total number of sweaters sent to Jordan to a staggering 81,343! Along with the sweaters, 2,542 quilts and baby blankets, 3,132 kits (Learning and Living, Baby bundles and Hygiene)  and over 1000 Toys were included.

While we are not collecting any more sweaters for Jordan, there are still many ways to help!

CLWR has or is currently supporting Syrian refugees with food, shelter and school rehabilitations, and items like heaters and blankets that help the most vulnerable meet their daily needs. We recently talked to Raba’a – one woman who participated in a food voucher program. Read her story here.

NOTE: The Administrator of “GO!” is a member of CLWR Board of Directors.

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