“Canada’s Assisted Dying law – one year later” by Alex Schadenberg

Alex Schadenberg, the Executive Director – Euthanasia Prevention Coalition, highlights and comments on some troubling trends related to Canada’s Assisted Dying law. Here are some excerpts from his blog.

One year after the legalization of euthanasia and assisted suicide, Canada has become the prime example of how legalizing assisted dying cannot be controlled and why these laws are naturally expansive. Society needs policies that encourage caring and not killing. …

Even though we are well into 2017, the data from 2016 indicates that there were 970 reported assisted deaths in Canada.

Other than Québec, where there were 463 deaths in the full year, these deaths occurred in 6.5 months (June 17 – Dec 31). The percentage of assisted deaths is highest in British Columbia, where there were 188 assisted deaths, where they have two euthanasia clinics, as compared to 189 assisted deaths in Ontario. The 970 reported assisted deaths represented 0.6% of all deaths in Canada.

To read Alex’s article in its entirety, visit: Canada’s Assisted Dying Law.


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