Bound Up By Indecision? Five Guiding Principles

Rev. Scott Gress writes,

You always have a choice. Always.

Sometimes we might not like our choices. Sometimes we might not see any options. Yet the truth is that there is always a choice. What is needed is some sharp thinking to cut through the ropes that have bound you up in indecision. So what brings about that sharp thinking?

Usually they are questions that we need to ask ourselves and evaluate our situation. The trouble is that when we are in the tightening grip of the ropes that bind us we feel like we are getting weaker and weaker. We seem to be running out of oxygen and we just have too little strength. So we swallow hard and often times settle or give in to what we’ve always done or what we instinctively know is not the best thing. But how do we address that?
Here are four questions that you can ask yourself so that you can cut free from the ropes that are strangling you in indecision.

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