Bill Hybels Provides A Sobering Perspective to the Issue of Homosexuality

The homosexual agenda seems to be ubiquitous! The homosexual lobby is in one’s face 24/7.  The media outlets post “news” item after “news” item about the courageous behavior of some openly gay athlete.  Of course, the Cannes Film Festival selected “Blue Is the Warmest Colour” – a movie about two French lesbian lovers – as the Palme d’Or winner.  Almost every sitcom and show on television has a gay character(s) and often a “bigoted” character who needs to see “the light.”  Poll results are shared that show that the homosexual propaganda is having its desired affects as more people (esp. the younger generations) are accepting of the gay lifestyle. If a person is identified as “intolerant” or “anti-gay” of the gay lifestyle then such a person or business is to be boycotted. Such is the case with Chick-fil-A and the 2011 Willow Creek Leadership Summit.   When Howard Schultz, the Founder and CEO of Starbucks withdrew from the 2011 Willow Creek Leadership Summit due to pressure from a homosexual lobby group, Bill Hybels provided the following response.

Lutheran Church — Canada has provided a number of statements and articles about same-sex marriage and sexual orientation. In order to access this material, visit: Lutheran Church — Canada.

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