Bibles for Victims in Sudan Transforming Their Lives Reports The Voice of the Martyrs

VOM2The Voice of the Martyrs – Canada (VOM), an organization that supports persecuted Christians worldwide, provides Bibles to people.  In the May edition of the VOM newsletter, the feature article describes how VOM is transforming people’s lives by providing them with Bibles.  One such story involves Onnab, a Muslim woman, who experienced liberty in Jesus Christ:

As a Muslim living in the Nuba Mountains of Sudan, Onnab had heard about Jesus and even visited a church in her village. But when her husband and his family learned that she had gathered with ‘infidels,’ they were furious and insisted that she never again visit a Christian church.

‘I tried several times to change to Christianity,’ Onnab admits, ‘but it was not easy for me.’ If her husband heard that she attended church or talked to other Christians, terrible beatings would follow. Still her hunger for Christ remained unabated, even in the face of adversity.

The story recounts that her husband abandoned Onnab and their six children and then Onnab’s home was bombed by the Sudanese Air Force which drove her to seek safety in a refugee camp.  Onnab’s story continues,

When they arrived at their destination, they received clothes, blankets and basic utensils. However, Onnab was offered something far more precious than these material items. Most important of all, she received the gift of eternal life by placing her faith in Jesus. To assist her on this new spiritual journey, Onnab also received a Bible in the Arabic language.  “This Bible has a great impact on my life as a new believer,” she told a VOM worker. ‘I am happy because … [it] guides me now in my prayers …. This is what I am using as my weapon, asking God on a daily basis to being peace in the entire country of Sudan. I give thanks to the well-wishers who provided the Word of God to us because we did not come with anything. … I will continue praying for them, and I also ask them to continue praying for us.”

VOM distributes Bibles in war-ravaged Sudan, where those who turn from Islam to Christ are not only experiencing the devastation of warfare but also persecution from their family members – challenges that are so severe, victimized believers are being forced to flee to the safety of the refugee camps.

If you would like to learn about the work of VOM in other regions of the world, to support this valuable work or to sign up for the VOM newsletter, please visit: VOM.

(Reported in the VOM Canada newsletter, May 2014, page 4)

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