Bible Translation Continues in Botswana

VeithRob and Eshinee Veith serve with Lutheran Bible Translators in Botswana.

Eshinee came to an awareness of the profound need for Bible translation while a missionary with YWAM in the 1990s. In 2008, while in Botswana cataloguing the archives of a former missionary, she found a complete handwritten New Testament in the Shiyeyi language. Her heart was touched by the desire of the translator to bring God’s Word to his people. In early 2001, she assumed the role of Linguist Exegete working towards a publishable Shiyeyi New Testament.

Rob assists in the development of print and non-print materials for the purpose of encouraging more indigenous forms of worship, evangelism, and discipleship. In the last three, he has produced 10 CDs, representing more than five languages.  Rob also leads song writing workshops creating new songs from the Psalms.

To learn more about the Veith’s work, visit their website: and Eshinee’s Weblog: If you want to support their work, visit: LBT: The Veith’s.

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