“Authentic Christianity: How Lutheran Theology Speaks to a Postmodern World” — A New Book to be Released by Concordia Publishing House

The Concordia Publishing House blog released the following information about a new book that will be released on October 10.

Burnt-out believers and spiritual secularists have given up any hope that an engaging and meaningful spirituality can be found in a single Christian denomination. So rather than attending worship at a local church, they attend to their spiritual needs elsewhere. Instead of being fed by a single denomination, they feast upon a smorgasbord of spiritual beliefs. And while these disaffected believers have not rejected the existence of God or the need for meaningful spirituality, they have strongly rejected whatever it is they think the church today has to offer.

To counter this trend, churches across America are constantly updating their culture to accord with the culture outside the church. But is this the best framework for recovering authentic Christian spirituality?

Authentic Christianity offers another idea—that the Lutheran tradition embodies a framework of Christianity that uniquely addresses the postmodern condition. It does so not by being “emergent” or by making up a new approach to church or to the Christian life. Rather, it does so in an unexpected way: by being confessional, sacramental, and vocational.

This book is a collaboration between an academic of the Boomer generation and a young Millennial pastor. Coming from two very different places—different generations, different vocations, different entries into Lutheranism—authors Gene Veith and Trevor Sutton offer their unique perspectives on how Lutheran theology engages contemporary life.

Authentic Christianity will be available for purchase October 10. To learn more about the book, visit: Authentic Christianity.

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